Count the ways–on the finger you’ve been collecting–that you can manifest the life you want. Nay, deserve.

What you believe is what you receive

So it turns out that the universe is just a complex simulation developed and created by some sort of omnipresent entity living in the basement of its mother.

Which is lucky for us because we can hack the system. The code we’re going to use is called Belief. It’s an old bit of code, but really powerful. If you run Belief, you’re allowed to do practically anything.

That’s right! Believe that you can do anything and receive from the Basement-Dweller all manner of power-ups, cash rewards, and extra energy. Believing you deserve it is 95% of the battle. Reality will do the rest.

Your body knows best

You know you get those urges? Those feelings that if you allowed them they would make you feel a little out of control and a little excited right to the core of what you mistakenly call a soul?

Well, those urges are the way that the world tells you what it wants you to do to manifest the life you want. These ‘messages’ slip through the undertow of reality and are picked up by what people mistakenly call a sixth sense. These urges are the world trying helping you.

You should do what the urges tell you to do.

All of them.

Yes. Even the one about the puppy.

The power of words

This is the most simple way to manifest the life you want. The first thing you do is write out the manifestation of what you want on a piece of paper with a pen whose ink has been blessed by an Ink Practitioner.

Then tie your manifestation manifesto around a regular house brick and throw it through a window. Any window should do. Try to avoid buildings facing north though. They don’t seem to work.

Now get on with your life as if nothing has happened and usually within two weeks you get what you deserve.

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Dystopiconic Dee

Dystopiconic Dee

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